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Sustainable Kitchen Products: The Best Earth-Friendly Alternatives

Discover the best clean alternatives to wasteful kitchen products. Reduce your environmental impact and save money with sustainable kitchen products.

DesignTechThe '90s

Translucent Tech: Bring Back Those Amazing Clear Craze Gadgets!

Remember when seemingly every gadget was transparent? As seen in phones and computers to portable CD players, this trend was known as the Clear Craze.


Sustainable Pet Parenting Made Simple: 13 Practical Tips for Dog Owners

Check out these tips for eco-friendly dog toys, natural treats, and more four-legged steps you can take toward sustainable pet parenting.


The Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Alternatives for a Simple, Sustainable Upgrade

Laundry is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be so bad for the environment. As you wash, dry, fold, and hang, these eco-friendly laundry products will make you feel better about laundry day. After all, the average American family will wash and dry 8-10 loads of laundry… each week! Even if you rent or it’s…


9 Amazing Products to Help Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

Summertime, and the pups are panting! From ice cream mix to shark fin life jackets, there’s something for all of us to help keep dogs cool in summer heat.


Can Dogs Hear Plants Scream? A High-Pitched Surprise

Listen close because we’re about to find out the truth behind plants making noise (and who’s listening to them): can dogs hear plants scream?

Eats & DrinksWellness

Why Do People Drink Decaf? 5 Interesting Reasons

Decaf coffee gets a bad rap, so why do people drink decaf? Grab a mug and get ready; we’re brewing up the answers (without any of the side effects).


How To Make It Look Like You Know How To Take Care Of Houseplants

Want to look like you know how to take care of houseplants without any work? This is your guide to convincing friends and family that you’re a plant expert.


The Best Back Stretcher For Every Millennial Over 30

These finds have flex-appeal. Alleviate your muscle tension with a roller wheel, acupuncture mat, and more of the best back stretcher products out there.


Retainer Care Made Easy: Major Upgrades for a Healthy Smile

Wearing a retainer has never been easier than with these must-have retainer care products. Now that’s something to smile about.