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How to Get Bisexual Lighting Vibes

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Bisexual lighting is not new. Outlets like the BBC even wrote about the “cinematic phenomenon” in 2018. But this trend hasn’t gone away. If anything, TikTok aesthetics and Twitch streamers have kept it alive ever since.

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the bisexual lighting vibe in your own space, you’ve come to the right aesthetic place.

What is ‘bisexual lighting’?

Let’s shed some color on this concept.

According to the esteemed Urban Dictionary, bisexual lighting is:

“The use of light pink, purple, and blue lighting in a room or movie scene. The name comes from the colors of the bisexual flag. If in a movie/piece of media, it could signify the character in the scene is bisexual.”

graphic of three solid bars of overlapping blue and magenta stripes used on the bisexual flag
Bisexual Pride Flag

The Bisexual Lighting Timeline

Like most good internet culture, the term is often traced back to a 2014 Tumblr post and has since been referenced whenever the color scheme appears in media, from film to music videos.

Many of these posts and tweets are lost in the internet ether, but the memory remains. One of the more significant references was to Janelle Monáe’s Make Me Feel music video.

Fans have noticed this everywhere from HBO’s Euphoria to Lil Nas X’s video for Panini.

posted in /bisexual by u/SwanBumps

Some debate whether this was intentional in many of these cases, but the vibe seems explicitly queer in certain contexts.

Bi lighting often feels ubiquitous, even when there isn’t a hint of bisexuality in sight … These are the colors of magic in fantasy, alien landscapes in sci-fi, and the neon lighting of cyberpunk settings and nightclubs.

Lillian Hochwender for Polygon

BOWIE Creators explored the concept in great detail in their article, The Rise (And Fall) Of Bisexual Lighting.

Examples of bisexual lighting from Contrapoints, The Neon Demon, Atomic Blonde, and TikTok
Image: BOWIE Creators

In any case, it’s a vibe. And we can all appreciate that.

How to Get the Bisexual Lighting Aesthetic

If you’re a photographer or cinematographer, you might appreciate Fstoppers’ bisexual lighting guide, but today, we’re working on your bedroom or gaming room.

Here are a few good options to choose from :

Floor Lamps

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Wall Lights

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There are many smart home light systems available with various levels of compatibility. And most of them can pull off a similar look, assuming they have adjustable color settings.

One thing to look for is a gradient effect or an app with the ability to customize segments of a light strip.

Once you’ve selected your products, set them up in your home app. Govee’s FAQs are worth checking out, including color options for strip lighting.

Cover Image: Govee

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