various boxes of creative tissues in boxes designed by Blowze

Blowze Makes Creative Tissues for Your Unique Issues

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Have you ever been shopping for tissues and thought, “Wow, these boxes are not the vibe.” Well, you’re not alone. As ubiquitous as tissues are, creative tissues are hard to come by.

That’s where one brand has embarked on an epic, artistic pursuit of making tissues that get the job done in a more interesting, aesthetically-pleasing way.

It’s one of those things that you probably never thought about, but now that you know it exists, you can’t resist. So get ready to wipe your nose, your dog’s nose, a stranger’s nose — okay, maybe don’t do that. Consent is key.

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“Say Goodbye to Boring Tissues!”

Blowze is here to change the tissue game

These are no ordinary tissues — they’re fun (and funny!) designs with personality. And they’re sure to save your next sick day… or at least offer a laugh for visitors.

They’re soft, but they’re also made without powders, perfumes, or lotions. That’s great news for the sensitive noses out there.

All of their 2-ply tissues come in a 144 ct. Family Sized Box, and are sold in packs. Plus, each box is made from recycled paper mix from responsible sources.

  • 6-pack: $22.99
  • 12-pack: $39.99
  • 36-pack: $109.99

And if you can’t make up your mind, grab the combo box with 6 different designs for home, the office, or your therapist’s office (which may also be your second home — no judgment).

Take your pick from this line of creative tissues

Their current line-up includes these fun box designs:

face with comical sneezing face, tissue under their nose

Silent Sneeze

tissue box with a rocket design, the tissue comes out looking like a blast-off

Snot Rocket

rich guy in a robe wearing a monocle, the tissue is like his pocket square

The Gentleman’s Hanky

woman with purple hair on box design, the tissue is coming out under her nose

The Purple Sneeze

dragon tissue box design with tissue coming out of its mouth

Tissue-Breathing Dragon

man face on box with tissue coming out under his nose

Under the Weather-man

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