Concrete Pokémon Planters Cubone, Bulbasaur, and Snorlax

Concrete Pokémon Planters to Complete Your Succulent Safari Zone

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If you’re a trainer at heart and love houseplants too, these concrete Pokémon Planters are for you.

Designed and sculpted by DoolittleDorks in the USA, you’re not just getting 3D-printed plastic. These are the next evolution of nostalgic indoor planters.

Rock type Pokémon planters are perfect for the next succulent to join your party

Lileep and Cradily proved that grass and rock can totally be a dual-type, and these planters do, too. Though, you might have to consider these Cubone, Bulbasaur, and Snorlax captures to be, uh… regional variants. (We tried, okay?)

Features we love about these concrete Pokémon planters

Their adorable factor is off the charts, so let’s get that out of the way.

For those serious about being plant moms and plant dads, you’ll be delighted to see the following features that often get skipped over with cute planters.

  • Drain hole and mesh cover for better watering
  • Handmade concrete for a rustic look
  • They’re solid and heavy (in a good way)
  • Sized for “one small succulent, air plant, or moss”
  • You can add a live succulent to your order (perfect for gifting)

Let’s meet your new starters.

Cubone Concrete Pokémon Planter

Cubone Planter

How can you resist bringing this “Lonely Pokémon” home?

Overall (widest points) – 4″W 3x 3
Cavity – 2″Dia x 2.5″D

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Bulbasaur Concrete Pokémon Planter

Bulbasaur Planter

Bulbasaur is #1, and not just in the Pokédex. There’s a good chance Bulbasaur was also your first starter Pokémon when playing Red, Blue, or Yellow versions back in the day.

Overall (widest points) – 4″D 3.5H 3.5W
Cavity – 2.5″Dia x 2.5″D

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Snorlax Concrete Pokémon Planter

Snorlax Planter

If Snorlax isn’t eating, he’s sleeping. But you knew that. Put your Pokéflutes away and let this Snorlax rest.

Overall (widest points) – 5″W 5x 2.3
Cavity – 2″Dia x 1.5″D

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About DoolittleDorks, the Etsy creators behind these concrete Pokémon planters

DoolittleDorks is a Star Seller that has a 5-star rating from over 16,000 happy buyers.

As of early 2023, they’ve announced plans to release more planters to go alongside their concrete Pokémon planters (and other franchise themes).

Feeling inspired? Check out some Pinterest creators to follow if you love houseplants.

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