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5 Pinterest Creators to Follow if You Love Houseplants

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If you’re a plant lover, you know the joy of checking on your babies every day, cleaning their leaves, and maybe even talking to them (no judgment here). These five Pinterest creators offer tips on plant care, decor, and appreciation that anyone can appreciate — whether you’re an aspiring plant mom or dad, or an expert with two green thumbs.

Follow these accounts to learn from their ideas and to find inspiration for your own indoor jungle!

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Plant-Loving Pinterest Creators You Need to Follow 📌


Farmer Nick is an urban farmer and plant-based DIYer who wants to help you create your own green spaces. You may recognize him from Netflix’s Instant Dream Home or his book, Plant Coach: The Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Plants and the Planet.

Come for tips and tricks, coaching, and plant design boards; stay for the silly moments and vegan recipes for a complete green experience.


Kamili is a design-obsessed, plant-loving “Blerd” (Black + Nerd) who traded her law profession for what we see on her amazing boards. Have a bunch of plants but don’t know how to style them? Kamili aims to help you design your space with houseplants in mind.

From unboxing videos and propagating 101 to decorating plant shelves, this is one creator with content you can’t miss.


With over 100k followers and millions of monthly views, Alejandro is an engaging source of houseplant knowledge and inspo. You’ll notice that his content is in Spanish, and that’s because he’s from the Lima, the capitol of Perú.

So whether or not you speak Spanish, you’ll appreciate his prolific content about living with plantitas felices (happy plants).


Krystal’s mission? Helping you find your “green thumb.” With hilarious and helpful guides, Krystal’s content stands out as some of the best out there, discussing everything from thicc to emotional support plants.

If you like what you see, you can even book a consultation with her to get personalized plant help. Just know that Krystal is serious about her watering techniques.


Meet Cecilia, a plant blogger and interior plant designer with a strong aesthetic that translates from her Pin boards to IRL decor. You’ll find some common subjects covered in her content, but Cecilia also delivers on everything from Christmas plant decor to guides on how to build glass terrariums.

Give her a follow if you can appreciate comprehensive plant care guides and a tasteful space to grow them.

Make sure you follow these incredible plant-loving Pinners, and don’t forget to follow Uhhloof on Pinterest, too!

Soon we’ll all be saying, “Look at you grow!”

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