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Retainer Care Made Easy: Major Upgrades for a Healthy Smile

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Aligner trays and retainers are crucial in orthodontics for maintaining the position of teeth post-treatment. You paid a lot for those straight, shiny teeth and want to protect them, but if you’ve had aligners for long enough, you know the struggle of keeping up with retainer care every day.

Proper cleaning, storage, and care are essential for your teeth long-term, not to mention the cost of replacing your trays. Luckily, there are some clever products that can help. From protective cases to ultrasonic UV cleaners, you’ll see the life-changing impact a few simple changes can make.

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Retainer Care 101: Life-Changing Finds for Your Aligners

Wearing retainers can be uncomfortable, especially during treatment. Whether you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment or have already completed it, you’ll appreciate these upgrades to your retainer care routine.

Protective Cases

Protective cases are important for retainer care since they keep them safe from damage when not in use. They come in various sizes and styles that differ from the free ones often given out, a small but impactful swap.

Pro tip: some people have wider mouths and, thus, wider trays. Check the measurements of your aligners and the cases you find when shopping.

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Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning tablets are a well-known and efficient option for retainer cleaning. These tablets dissolve in water, and you can put your retainer in the solution to soak. The solution works by breaking down and removing plaque and bacteria that can accumulate on the trays.

To use them, drop one tablet in a cup of water, put your retainer in the cup, and let it soak for the recommended time. Make sure to follow all instructions, and watch out for the ways aggressive brushing or using hot water can damage your trays!

If you want a simpler, more sustainable solution than tablets, keep reading. The next section includes items that cost more up-front but may save time, money, and waste in the long run.

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Ultrasonic UV Cleaner Devices

Retainer cleaning devices that use ultrasonic waves and a built-in UV light are uniquely effective for cleaning retainers. Add water to the device and turn it on to create ultrasonic waves that remove debris from your retainer. The built-in UV light helps kill any remaining bacteria, ensuring your retainer stays clean and bacteria-free.

Over time, these can be a much more sustainable solution than buying hundreds (if not thousands!) of individually-packaged cleaner tablets. It’s a lot easier to set and walk away from than a glass with tablet solution bubbling — it has to be there long enough to work but not too long before it undoes your effort. Plus, it does a better job.

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Cleaning Spray

Cleaning sprays are a useful product that can assist with retainer care. These sprays are designed to remove bacteria and freshen your retainer.

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A Few Extras to Consider

Many orthodonists and aligner programs will include these in your setup, but if not… get them! They’re small add-ons that make a big difference, especially when you’re new to retainers and they’re in that painful adjustment stage..

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How often should I clean my retainer?

Clean your retainer by gently brushing and rinsing the retainer at least once a day or as recommended by your orthodontist. You can also use retainer tablets about two times a week.

Can I use toothpaste to clean my retainer?

Using toothpaste to clean your retainer is not recommended. Toothpaste can be too abrasive and damage the surface.

What is the best way to clean my retainer?

The best way to clean your retainer is with cleaning tablets or an ultrasonic cleaner that are designed specifically for cleaning aligner trays.

Should I use hot water to clean my retainer?

Using hot water to clean your retainer is not recommended, as it can warp the plastic.

How can I prevent my retainer from getting lost or damaged?

Store your retainer in a protective case when not in use. Avoid exposing it to high temperatures or leaving it where it can be easily lost or damaged.

How can I prevent my retainer from becoming discolored?

To prevent discoloration, clean your retainer regularly and avoid exposing it to foods or drinks that can stain, such as coffee, tea, or red wine.

How often should I replace my clear plastic retainer?

If your aligners are not damaged with cracks or warps, it’s best to consult Invisalign or another company that made your retainers for the safest answer.

What are the benefits of wearing retainers long-term?

Wearing retainers long-term can help maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment, prevent relapse, and keep your teeth in their desired position.

Something to smile about

We get it, taking care of your retainer can be a hassle, but it’s crucial for keeping it in tip-top shape. Lucky for you, there are tons of products out there to help make this chore a little more manageable.

From cleaning tablets to ultrasonic UV cleaner devices, protective cases, cleaning spray, and more, these handy finds can help simplify your life and keep your retainer in great condition. So don’t stress; try these products and enjoy a healthier, happier smile for years to come!

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