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Renters Rejoice! How to Install a Smart Thermostat in Your Apartment

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Smart home upgrades like color-changing bulbs and robot vacuums are increasingly available (and affordable), so much so that nearly half of US households now have these devices. But can you install a smart thermostat in your apartment?

Unfortunately, renters often have to forego some of the coolest smart devices, as most apartments won’t even allow for painted walls. You’re also unlikely to modernize your space with an exterior camera or door locks, let alone changes to wiring or fixtures in their units.

Not all is lost, though. Apartment dwellers can make some serious upgrades without rewiring or carving out a section of their drywall, including smart thermostats. It’s true — you can expand your smart home ecosystem without risking your security deposit.

Why would you need a smart thermostat in your apartment?

  • Enhance the comfort of your living space
  • Take full advantage of your smart home system’s features
  • Enjoy a major improvement over the average apartment heating and cooling system
  • Invest in a device that can pay for itself in energy savings

Can you install a smart thermostat in your apartment?

Thankfully, many smart thermostats can be installed with the same ease of returning them to normal when it comes time to move.

Many include guides for setting things up before you even make your purchase. These can help to feel out all the steps to install (and later uninstall) them.

Google’s Nest Thermostat system

There are alternatives like Amazon, ecobee, and Honeywell. Google’s system tends to play nicely with other devices and systems, is widely-available, and there is a greater availability of installation support for their devices.

That being said, the ideas and guidance below can work with basically any of these systems.

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What to know before installing a smart thermostat in your apartment

Get permission

To play it completely safe, you may want approval from your apartment’s management. If they’re wary of the installation, show them how simple the process is, or offer to hire a professional.

The energy savings and modern appeal might even convince your landlord to make these upgrades in every unit.

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Hire a professional

Local shops and Home Depot’s thermostat installation services are great options for hiring a professional to ensure everything is properly (and safely) installed.

OnTech’s Nest installation service costs about as much as the equipment, but the peace of mind and permission to have it done may be worth the investment.

Make safety a priority

Before you start, ensure you have access to your circuit breaker and can turn off the power. You’ll also want to thoroughly investigate the setup process to ensure you have everything necessary to set up your thermostat.

Power up properly

Is your unit equipped with a compatible heating and cooling system? Does your thermostat of choice require a C wire for power? Many modern HVAC systems are prepared for these devices, but many have separate power connector options.

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Do no damage

One of the biggest concerns for renters is losing their security deposits at move-out. Check out some tutorials on YouTube and measure twice.

Get a trim plate if you need one — this will also help cover unpainted spots on the wall revealed by differently-shaped panels.

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You don’t have to miss out on the smart home experience just because you rent

Renters are increasingly making functional and design-oriented upgrades, like peel-and-stick wallpaper and modern shower heads. With a little research, you can also add smart heating and cooling to your setup.

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